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I am super? YOU are super, more like.

I am super? YOU are super, more like.

Searching for SuperWomen is a project designed to highlight the vibrant community of women in geekdom. We seek to create a home online where we can not only celebrate every facet of geek culture that interests us, but where we can show the media that geek women are a huge portion of their audience. Gamers, cosplayers, writers, artists, fighters — all are welcome.

We’re here to showcase awesome female superheroes, both in fiction and real life. We believe that fiction has an opportunity and an obligation to change entrenched attitudes of sexism in the media, from ridiculous outfits painted onto SuperWomen to worn-out tropes and stereotypes. Our goal is to foster positive dialogue, encourage female creatives to join these fields, and create meaningful commentary on the state of SuperWomen in today’s media.

We are GLBTQ friendly!

Want to be a part of it? YOU can join us. Write superhero fiction? Have something to say about cosplay? Repurpose Rubix cubes into LARP armor? We want to hear about it. Check out our submissions page!

Curious about our editors and contributors? Check out the dropdown menu under the About tab — you’ll find us there!

Wondering about who did the fabulous header image for us? The indomitable Jae Dansie of Lit and Scribbles!

Searching for SuperWomen is the brainbeast of Emmie Mears.