Attention! AMC’s Comic Book Men is Searching for SuperWomen!


Remember how a few days ago I said you should stay tuned because I had some awesome comics-related news for you all? Well, the news is here!

Last week, a casting agent from AMC’s Comic Book Men reached out to me. Yes, the show. You know, the one that takes place at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash??? Excuse me while I fangirl myself into eternity because I adore Kevin Smith and his movies and……..

…Right, you probably want to know what the sitch is.

The sitch! Comic Book Men is searching for SuperWomen like YOU who love comics and are looking for rare items or have something to sell on the show. They’re about to start casting the new season, and they know that our fandoms are diverse — and want their show to reflect that.


What to do if you’re interested:

Check out the casting flyer.

Review the terms and conditions.

Learn more about the show.

Fill out the casting application!


Big thanks to the producers at Comic Book Men for giving us a heads up!