Geeks Love Ink

Hey Geeks and Geekettes!


It’s been a minute, I know, but life is insane and doesn’t slow down.  School, writing, contests, my own social media stuff. Around and around we go, where we stop, no one knows!

I just got a new tattoo this week. It’s my biggest one extending from my shoulder to my forearm. It made me start to think. Tattoos have become a subculture in society. It’s much more accepted than it was even five years ago. Remember that thing I said about life not slowing down? Culture and society change at a rapid pace. Keeping an open mind is a great thing to do so we’re more accepting of change and diversity as it grows and becomes more apparent.

This tattoo in particular is a great expression for me. It’s got my favorite flower (Orange Lily), an ink well and quill, and gorgeous leafy vines traveling down my skin. I think it expresses a lot about me.

A friend of mine has The Hulk, War Machine, and more of The Hulk inked on his leg.  His favorite comic book characters, characters he identifies with and that expresses different parts of him.

Walking around Miami SuperCon I see tons of people in cosplay, and tons more with ink of a fandom they truly love. Supernatural, Arrow, Harry Potter, etc. Rachel Caine even spoke about how a fan got a tattoo of her Morganville Vampire Series across his back. Tattoos have become ways to express ourselves and our love of fandoms.

I personally think that’s awesome.

Geeks love ink. It’s another form of expression, another form of diversity, and it’s a great thing that the world is starting to accept we don’t all have to fit into a cookie cutter shape. It’s okay to be unique, different, and express ourselves in ways that are artistic, healthy, and productive.

Ink1 Ink2 Ink3 ink5


A few tips before you get a tattoo.

  • Scout out artists if you don’t already have one. Do not. I repeat DO NOT walk into the first shop and go with the first artist you see. You want to make sure your ink rocks.
  • Think about what you want for a while before you get it. Tattoos are permanent folks. No take backs.
  • Have a discussion with the artist about what you want. Usually, they’ll set an appointment giving them time to draw it up in a unique way for you.
  • Make sure you know the proper care of your tattoos. Nothing like getting an awesome piece of art and then messing it up because you didn’t take good care of it.

Show us your ink. Take a picture of your tattoo or tattoos and tweet it to @wearesuperwomen

In my next article, I’ll feature some of the most unique and awesome ink from geeks!