Interview & Spotlight: Kelly Puissegur

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This week we look at one of my favorite, yes I ma biases, a bit, illustrators. Kelly “retrowhale” Puissegur. Her offbeat style blends elements  of the everyday with pop culture and a quirky sense of fun that always makes me smile.



I went to school for art but I mainly did things that pleased my professors. You know like art that is more “serious”. It took me a while after college to get comfortable enough with myself to create work that is goofy and silly and really expresses who I am.

My process is kind of all over the place. Sometimes I sketch a drawing or painting out on the computer first and sometimes I just dive in with nothing planned. I’m always changing my mind about what I want my work to look like which I hate to admit. I do keep a sketchbook but it’s mostly filled with lists of ideas for drawings. I like to use a little bit of everything in my work- pencil, ink, marker, color pencil, tape, watercolor, and acrylic paint.


Further artist statement:

My drawings are little appreciations for movies, music, animals, plants, people who inspire me, family, shapes, textures, and whatever else pops into my head. I change mediums frequently because I get bored easily, but my work generally maintains a childlike, playful quality. My goal is to make affordable art that people can appreciate or relate to in some way.



My main inspiration comes from humor in movies and everyday oddities in life. I love making people smile and laugh with my work. I try to visually balance images that are fun and silly yet earthy and raw.



I would love to create art for skateboards. I’m a big surfer and skater although I’m not very good at either one. I would also love to do art for album covers. I’m a big record collector and I confess that I sometimes buy albums just because I like the cover art.


Kelly Puissegur

Kelly Puissegur