Magetech Episode One: Pie, Apps, and Boz

It’s here!

Today the Magetech RPG Troupe got together for our first session. A little over an hour in total, we hashed out our character backstories, learned of the Almighty Boz (who speaks to Dorothea Gale through her Magic 8 Ball), and decided that the uppity wealthy folks in our city are called Pie Eaters. Because they, you know, steal all our pie.

From busy, crafty rogues with paranoia to wealthy mages booted from their academies, we’ve got all sorts of great characters — all plunked into a deteriorating world that’s oozing magic that crystallizes swathes of the planet and makes unfortunate folks grow tentacles.

Like we’ve said before. Magetech: “Something About Tentacles”

This is going to be a fun game! Our next session is July 22 at 8 PM.

If you’ve missed any of the Magetech videos and want to catch up, here they are for your viewing pleasure! And if anyone reads this and feels like making us a tentacle-y Magetech graphic (possibly with the tentacles stealing pie?), we’d probably die of joy.

Get to know our players here, and then check out the videos! We’ll be posting our character sheets for your enjoyment by the end of the week.