Magetech Morphs: Starting Dungeons and Dragons

Our Magetech troupe has decided to undergo a transformation! We will be starting Dungeons and Dragons, due in large part to the awesomeness that is the fifth edition.

In our broadcast tonight, we talked about many things. All of us were a little toned down this evening, but we DID get some things squared away, and one of those things was that we would like our transition into D&D to be helpful for others who are interested in getting into this classic gaming system for the first time (or after a long estrangement). So I’ve rounded up all the links we mentioned!

Check out the basic rules for D&D 5 here.

More in-depth class/specializations info here.

An online tabletop rabbit hole here. (Roll20)

Buy some badass dice here.

And put that shit in a bag from here.

The D&D Reddit is here.

Specifically, the D&D 5 Reddit is here.

And if you want to see this version in action, go here!