Pandemic: The Game You Learn to Love and Hate

I am super? YOU are super, more like.

I am super? YOU are super, more like.

I confess I’m a gamer. Formerly an online gamer. Now a board gamer. And the game my friends and I love to play (and hate) is Pandemic.

Pandemic is a game that does not encourage backstabbing.

You want to be working together because Pandemic will be doing its best to kill you every turn. Your ultimate mission is to cure the world of 4 viruses (blue, red, yellow, and black) and prevent the viruses from spreading.

Sounds simple, right? It’s not! There’s more than one way to die in this game.

  • You lose if you run out of cubes for your viruses;
  • You lose if you run out of player cards;
  • You lose if more than 7 outbreaks occur in a game.

Pandemic provides you with five possible roles to help you cure the world: dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher or operations expert. You choose them randomly. (Warning: If you have the medic and dispatcher in your group, you will find the game easier to play. You can still win the game without a medic or dispatcher, but it will be very challenging.)

I’m not going into great detail about roles and strategy. Instead, I recommend watching Wil Wheaton’s fabulous TableTop breakdown of Pandemic for any interested gamers.