Series Premiere – Bitten, Welcome To The Pack

Several months ago I wrote about the upcoming show, Bitten, based off of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld book series. Fans had been nervous about taking the print version and putting into a show, because lets face it, several books have been destroyed by putting them on screen. This was so much an issue that Kelley Armstrong addressed fans with her own letter here. Originally, the show was only to air on Canada’s Space network, but the cries and pleas of American’s must have been heard as SyFy picked it up. Granted, Bitten is on Saturdays in Canada and Mondays in the U.S., so readers, please forgive us if we’re a few days past when you’ve already seen it.

The premiere, Welcome To The Pack, opens very much like the book with Elena living in the city away from Stonehaven and doing her damnedest to be human – even if it means ignoring the wolf within. She almost changes while having sex with her boyfriend Phillip, who has no idea the truth of her condition. She makes it out before things go awry, and shifts into her sandy haired wolf. The directing team cleverly inserts clips of another wolf taking down a human girl in the woods – right near Stonehaven. Coincidence? Definitely not. Jeremy – the leader of this wolf pack, is perturbed and calls the entire pack home – Elena included.

There is only one pack in North America, every other wolf is considered a mutt.


Resistance is futile. As much as Elena wants to be normal, it simply can’t be. She is anything but, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

There were variations from the book, but it seemed to have been done in a tasteful way. Logan, a character originally killed off, is still very much alive and extremely interesting. Instead of Clay coming to retrieve Elena himself, Logan convinces her to return to Stone Haven. There’s a lot more cell phone usage than I remember from the original book. Watching the show is already tempting me to reread ‘Bitten’ the book to get more clarity on the details.


Greyston Holt as Clay – What do you think of this casting? Yay or Nay?

Overall, I was impressed with the first episode. The casting fits the mold well, though Clay is still on the fence. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, because this is the first episode of a brand new show. The set up was clean, if a bit slow. The next few episodes will be key, and note, dearest readers, there will be many spoilers in my reviews. You may want to wait until you’ve seen the episode before reading. You’ve been warned!

Welcome To The Pack.



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