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So you love Searching for SuperWomen and want to be taken to the mother ship…

We’re on the lookout for regular contributors in all facets of geekdom. Gaming, film, comics, television — find your corner of fandom and nestle in. We want to hear from you.

What We Look For:

  • Original articles in all facets of geekdom
  • Commentary (observing trends, discussing current issues, etc.)
  • Artwork (fan art, fandom inspired, etc.)
  • Convention write-ups and experiences

What We Can’t Do:

We’ve had several inquiries about making Searching for SuperWomen a stop for book blog tours, publishing excerpts and chapters of books, and general author promotion. We are a fan site with a focus on exploring geek culture and creations, and as many awesome books are out there, for the sake of our limited time, we need to limit the site to established fandoms.

While we occasionally do author interviews, all our interviews to date have been with established, well-known authors who envision a more welcoming world for all geeks and who self-identify as geeks themselves, be they action movie buff scientists like Kim Harrison, Hugo-winning fan cast creators like Seanan McGuire, or RPG-writing juggernauts like Chuck Wendig. As much as we love to read great fiction, we’re not currently in a place to publish it or serve in a marketing capacity. Our vision for the site is to be a hearth for discussion and mucho de SQUEE, as opposed to a billboard.

The primary reason for us to draw this line is that we have limited time, and we want Searching for SuperWomen to be a place for people to come and enjoy a mutual love of a thing. If we stumble upon a TARDIS or Hermione’s time turner anywhere, we could expand to fiction somewhere down the line.

How to Submit:

Because we accept such a large variety of posts, topics, and content, we prefer to receive an email inquiry from you first. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re interested in contributing, and we’ll go from there! Need some ideas? Check out our archives to find out the sort of thing we like to send off into the world.

Address all inquiries to Emmie Mears. For detailed guidelines on how to submit your content, send an email to Emmie Mears: emmie AT

Response Times

We respond to all inquiries within 72 hours. Once you’ve submitted actual content for review, you’ll hear from us within two weeks if we’re going to use your material. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, etc. (though hopefully, you’ll have already done that), and we are the final say on what goes up on the site.

Other things to remember:

-Submit YOUR original content ONLY. We are open to you submitting material you’ve already posted on your own blog or website on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you tell us in your submission email if you have already published your submission elsewhere.

-You maintain rights to your articles. We ask, however, that you give us a period of exclusivity and allow the content to be posted here for three months (90 days) before you publish it again elsewhere. If you have questions about this, contact us.

-We will be reading for style as well as content. We want engaging material that will excite our readers and inspire them to don their own capes!

-It should go without saying, but sexist, racist, homophobic words will not be permitted. We are the site owners and the editors reserve final judgment in these matters.

-Keep it positive. We’re not a soapbox for ranting (most of the time). We’re looking to engage with issues in fandom with a well-reasoned, solutions-based standpoint. Our priority is to be your safe, happy geek vortex on the web.

If you’re not looking to contribute yourself but know people who might be, by all means do some head hunting and send them our way! The rest of them too…not just the head part.

Right now we can’t offer anything to contributors but a bit of exposure and our undying gratitude (and the joy of getting to hang out and talk geek with other geeks), but we’re hoping that will change in the future.

We are GLBTQ friendly and are looking for contributors of all races. We aim for inclusiveness and diversity. Help us reach it.


Got questions? Shoot us a tweet (@WeAreSuperWomen) or contact us with our magical form…