Supernatural Roundtable 4: Devil’s Traps and Artistry

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Oh, my pie. We have made it to the end of season one! 

“Something Wicked” through “Devil’s Trap.” Are you ready to round out this first season? We’ve got Fran Roberts here today filling in for Kelly, who’s on vacation. Chime in with your own thoughts in the comments!

Emmie: In rewatching this, there was some awesome continuity. Specifically, that we saw the survivors from “Wendigo,” “Provenance,” and “Hell House” in season eight, though the latter not as recently. I love those threads though. Also, Spouse made a funny observation that I think applies to season 1 as well as season 2 (which we’re watching now). Dean often makes these silly references, to which Sam just gives funny looks while Dean chuckles away. Spouse goes, “I hope Dean finds a best friend to laugh at his jokes.” All I could think of was CAS! All in good time.

Tabatha: “Something Wicked” is a great episode, in my opinion. It follows up on “Hell House” in the respect of showing us how Dean feels responsible for Sam. It creeps me out – the doctor being someone you trust implicitly turning out to be the horrible, terrifying creature? That’s something right out of a nightmare, as far as I’m concerned.

Fran: “Something Wicked” scares the life out of me! I think mainly because the idea of something creeping through my window at night makes me break out in a cold sweat. I like the reinforcing of Dean and Sam’s relationship – the backstory gives it much more depth and emotion for me. Suddenly you start to see “triggers” in Dean’s behaviour when he tries to protect Sam, and you understand a bit of what causes them. As much as this episode frightens me, it does have one of my favourite lines: “Okay, little brother?” is such a great line, because it sums up the Winchester relationship perfectly.

And hooray for Dean’s references! I chuckle at them too (but that might be because I know they’re coming now…) I’m so excited for Cas to arrive.

Emmie: “Something Wicked” is such a total throwback to the creeptastic Buffy episode of season two, “Killed by Death.” The sick kids, the sit-on-your-chest-and-suck-out-your-life-force monster — I love both episodes for what they manage to do. Namely what Fran mentioned in Supernatural: Dean’s instinct and compulsion to protect Sammy.

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Tabatha: “Provenance”, I love because of Sarah. She’s a young woman with her own demons, and is right there beside Sam. She doesn’t back down, and she ends up teaching Sam a little about how being too careful can stop you from living your life. She’s a great character!

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Emmie: I love this episode, and I adore Sarah’s character. So much that I begged a friend to spoil it for me and tell me if Sam ever went back to visit her. Doodoooooo. That painting is seriously creepy, and it always makes me wonder in the quiet recesses of my mind why people buy stuff that looks like it wants them dead.

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Fran: If I’m honest, this is one of the weaker episodes for me. I love Sarah, because I think she has sass, but it’s not an episode that sticks out… “Devil’s Trap”, however, is one of the strongest season finales of all of them – such tension! Such passion! Such a crash!

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Rar, Winchesters, rar.

Tabatha: “Dead Man’s Blood” is clearly one of the most significant episodes of the season, as we’re introduced to the Colt, and for the first time, actual hope of killing the demon that’s basically stalking their family. I love love LOVE the family dynamics in this episode – and let’s be honest, seeing JDM’s handsome mug doesn’t hurt anything. 😉 I love that John tells Sam why things went the way they went after their mother died. How he “saw evil in everything”, and stopped being a father at some point. And most importantly, why he was so upset when Sam wanted to go away to school. It’s a great bonding moment, and they finish it off with a bit of humour – typical Winchester men! I also love when Dean stands up to John. It might just be a few words, but he makes his point loud and clear – and it makes all the difference in the world.

The funny thing is, overall, I’m not a huge fan of the vampire-story. I feel almost like they’re paying homage to a supernatural creature “just because” – it could have been done much better.

“Salvation”. Okay, seriously….I know Meg is a “bad guy”….but how awesome is she?? I should, considering the fact that she’s out to harm our boys, dislike her.  I just can’t. She’s rough and tough, she gets stuff done, and she kicks ass and takes names while she’s doing it

Also: I love Bobby.

Fran: I can’t help but love Meg. I love her more every time I see her!

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Creepy teeth. Somewhat reminiscent of 30 Days of Night more than Dracula.

Emmie: I actually like the vampires (the retractable teeth that come out of their gums are pretty awesome to me), but what is the kicker for me about this episode is that we see how Dean and Sam have bonded and trust each other to the point where Dean will question John. That’s so huge (and also valid to me, much as I love John).

Tabatha: I LOVE “Devil’s Trap.” Even though this was a rewatch, I was on the edge of my seat for the last 15 to 20 minutes of the show! (Okay, in all fairness, I knew “something big” was coming, but I’m old and couldn’t remember what. 😉 ) The revelation that Meg is the Yellow Eyed Demon’s child is PERFECT. It ties so much together! Honestly, one of the most spectacular season finales I’ve watched.

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Such an awesome shot.

Emmie: I also love this finale. Watching it over again reminded me of so many things that initially hooked me on this show.

Fran: Every time I rewatch Supernatural I’m reminded how well they do strong characters, and I feel that as the end of the season approaches, they are starting to get into their stride and introducing key elements that are going to keep appearing and shaping the future seasons. These are such clever episodes – because they introduce the Colt, some recurring monsters, and keep building on the family stuff, which becomes massively important! Big love to Bobby as well – he’s one of my favourite characters, and it made me smile to see him appear for the first time! Also they’re starting to use the humour much more effectively. Aside from the obviously funny episodes of SPN, there are loads of witty asides that just don’t get the credit they deserve.

Tabatha: I have to agree with this completely. I have completely enjoyed being reintroduced to Sam and Dean and their world. It felt a little like coming home.

Now if I could just ACTUALLY come home and have the Winchester boys there… 😉 C’mon, ladies…how danged pretty is Dean? Am I right??

Emmie: PAHAHAHA, yes, he’s very pretty. Though to quote Kristin McFarland, if they showed up on my doorstep, I’d be grabbing some weapons and running in the other direction. People around them have a truncated lifespan.

Fran: Does anyone find themselves getting extremely angry at John? He drives me nuts! He’s one of the most stubborn, unsympathetic and infuriating characters. I can see how great he should be (and they imply that he is great), but he just keeps messing up. These last few episodes sort of sum it up for me – I just don’t think he’s as good a hunter as his sons, because he always seems to get it wrong. I don’t know, maybe I’m being protective over “my boys”!

Tabatha: It’s not just you. I struggle with John’s character as well. I WANT him to “step it up” at some point; I want him to do something awesome that makes you go, “OH! So THAT’S the big deal over John!!”…but it never happens. While I don’t doubt that he loves the boys, I think that he’s just way too inside of his own head to be the heroic character I want him to be. It’s actually pretty interesting, when I really dig into how I feel about John. On the one hand, I’ve got a little ‘hero love’ for him – because Dean so clearly does. On the other, all I see is a man who made huge mistakes with his kids and still manages to make them feel like they’re not good enough, even though, as you pointed out, they’re better at the job than he is. I sort of feel bad for John; he’s so broken that he can’t focus on anything but revenge. Not even how amazing his kids have turned out, against all odds.

Emmie: I agree as well. John is incredibly broken, and he has his way of doing things, which he thinks precludes anyone else’s opinions. While I know he loves his boys, it’s also pretty clear that he’s still stuck on Mary’s death, often at the expense of Dean’s and Sam’s well being. I think Tab nailed it with saying he’s too inside his own head to be that quintessential hero. At best for me, he’s someone who just keeps trying. Which is admirable, but it may not always be the best thing for his sons. I think this is a big reason why their bond grows so much in this season — Papa Winchester isn’t looking out for them. They have to look out for each other.

What did you all think about this finale, SuperFolk? How’d this first season hook you?

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