The Rise of the SuperWomen?

The other day my buddy Rae Chang sent me this CNN article about how it’s the age of the superwoman. Or as we say here, SuperWoman.

Agent Carter. Captain Marvel. Black Widow. Wonder Woman. Katniss. Tris.

There’s a lot of them. But if this is the golden age for real, it’s a little disappointing. What I don’t want to see is people proclaiming that a Captain Marvel and a Wonder Woman movie make this problem fixed.

They don’t. Not when they’ll only be upping the proportion from what was, a few years ago, 38:2 (male led vs. female led superhero movies) to something like 50:4. Improvement? Yes. Parity and equality? Far, far from it.

When I saw that a Captain Marvel movie was coming, I just about fell off my chair. I cannot contain how excited I am about that movie. Kelly Sue DeConnick wrote AMAZING stories for Carol Danvers, and the thought of seeing any of her storylines (or some pirouette of an amalgamate of them) brought to the big screen makes my knees jiggly. And Wonder Woman too? I mean, rock the fuck on.

But this is not the end. We’re in the opening statements of a very long conversation. We’re only just arriving at the table and opening our bags to show people what we have. We’re far from having an equal place at it where we can sit and be taken seriously without having to do the over-the-shoulder smolder.

We can get there, though.

We’ve been inactive at this site for a while. That’s going to change. We’ll be back.

Also, yo, where the fuck is our Black Widow movie?